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       A couple years ago I set out to create a simple, sturdy utility bicycle based on the vintage cycletrucks from the 40's and 50's.

    The criteria  that they needed to meet in my mind was this;

    - Easy to operate

    - Carry a load

    - Fun to ride

    - Not require much maintenence and be easy to maintain

    - Utilize modern, easy to find components.


      After three iterations that I made and rode during this time I landed on a great handling little bike that met all of my criteria and from a construction standpoint is easily repeatable.


      The rear hub is a two speed Sturmey-Archer coaster brake hub,  you shift by slightly pedaling backwards to engage the higher gear but not  enough to activate the coaster brake.  Once you hear it click,  continue to pedal forwards normally and feel the 38% increase.   When you hit the brakes to stop it automatically shifts back to the easier gear.

    The front hub is a disc hub with the cable routing thru the steerer tube for simplicity.  You can roatate the bars 360* repeatedly with nothing to hang up.

    The cargo tray is  built specifically to house  a recycling tub,  using one gives you a large carrying capacity for groceries, tools, take out....  whatever.    The tray also works great as a stand alone cargo box.  It has numerous spots for bungies to hook into.  It is a strong platform,  I often give my 80# son a ride in it around town as we do errands.

    In my mind I envisoned this as a family bike, the sort that anyone could grab for a quick trip to the store and 2 of the 6 that I built in this batch have the top tube flipped over for a lower standover.  This will make it easier for the kids and maybe mom to grab it, drop the seat (with the quick release clamp) and go.

    I'll add more info as I think of it but this should do for now.



    Thanks for reading!




                                                                                                   :: Huckleberry Cycle truck :: $1100 complete