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    Well I did make it to the shop early this morning and I did get the brakecable routing done but I never made it back out this afternoon.

    The plan was to drill out a small piece of stainless rod to make a tube to run the rear brake cable thru the seat mast.

    Dave and I talked about the option of being able to run v-brakes as well as cantis. This would necessitate the need for an extra housing stop on the toptube near the seatpost.  It wasn't my first choice but it wasn't so bad either.

     Literally as  I was walking out the door to the shop this morning I had a brainstorm.

    I had some internal tube stops I had made for another bike and then not used. I took one and bent it in the press (it actually took two,  I bent the first one in the wrong spot).  Once it was bent I cleaned the rear hole up a little with a drill and then laid the holes out in the mast.  It takes a little futzing around  to get it fished thru but once its in it is pretty simple to braze in and clean up.

    For canti's just the cable will run thru from a stop near the headtube but in the event that mini-v's are used, a  piece of housing can be inserted and run to the noodle.

    either way will be clean looking, I'm happy with the outcome.

    Thats probabally it for this week, I'm off to Bend in the morning for two days of cyclocross halloween style.


    tuesday 10-25

    Wow cross season is a busy time of year.  I've been picking away at Dave B's bike in the early morning and late at night.  I was in the shop mitering and dimpling chainstays at 5:30 am this morning untill going to work on the neighbors garage at 8.

      Made it back to the shop around 4pm and went untill 7 I guess when I got hungry (and tired).

    I'll be back out in the morning to drill vent holes and start tacking stuff together.  I need to complete the thru-the-mast cable sleeve before I go any further.  Hopefully this gets done before I need to get the boomtruck to Hillsboro by 9am.

    Heres a picture of a lightened Black Cat dropout,  I started doing this on Mike A's bike to expose more of the polished swinging portion of the dropout.  For a CCX bike there is still plenty of beef to hold it all together.

      There is also some closeups of the single gear cable boss on the downtube.

    The bike is a flatbar SSCCX bike with an option to become a 1x10 later so it will sport a couple extra brazeons and a derailuer hanger.



    friday night

    Yikes, has it been all week since I posted?

    I got Matt's frame back from powder yesterday and dropped off James's at the same time.

    I got a call from Scott this afternoon saying it was done around noon today so back to Yamhill I went.


    Matts bike looks great I'll post pics of it as I start the build,  the fork went in the mail to the painter with the color chip I had shot at the same time as the frame.  Hopefully it's back by mid week (fingers crossed)

    Heres some shots of James's bike,  it's a black base coat with gobs of metal flake over that,  the primary color in the flake was red but he ran short and augmented with some blue.   It gives off a purple hue because of these two colors.  In both of the flake choices there is silver flake which shows up everywhere along with a greenish tint.  When I brought it home I just turned it over and over in the sunlight looking at all the different  combinations.  The pics really don't do it justice, you'll have to come to the races at pir to see it in person this sunday,  Look for it in the A race.

    Up next;  Dave B's bike


    monday night

    I finished the cable routing this afternoon on James's bike, just a couple of quick shots here before  it  heads to powder. 

      He's chosen to run full housing so I drilled some bi-stops out for the toptube and made some single guides for the seat stay.

      I'll ream the headtube in the morning and tap in the serial number.

    Sorry to be brief,  I'm wore out from Rainier :-)


    Saturday 10-8

    I hit the shop early this morning and got right to it,  I had to start by taking a photo of my nice clean bench.

    I left just enough seed clutter to start over again :-)


     The back half of James's bike just fell together,  it needs some cable routing done and the seattube needs slotted but It should go to powder early this coming week.

    Neighbor Dave B.  stopped by this week and we drafted up a SSCCX for him.  He's chosen to use  the Black cat swingers so those were ordered thursday.  Even if the parts aren't for me it's still fun to get them in the mail.

    It's off to Rainier early in the morning for round two of  the  Cross Crusade It has been my favorite venue since the first year they ran it and I love it there wether its wet or dry.

    Ok,  it's picture time.  Thanks for reading.