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    The one that got away

    Holy smokes what a flurry in the shop. My work bench has gotten completely away from me and I hope by sharing a picture of it will shame me into action. The plan is to move into a new tool box this weekend which will sit just behind where I was standing when I shot this picture, this should help cut down on the clutter.  I'm so embaressed by this that I won't even begin to explain what happened or what's going on.

    Here also this morning is the start of a bike for my friend James C.  It's been on the books for a while now and I'm anxious to get him up and running on it.

      It's going to be a straight up, no fuss, 1x10 CCX race frame.  James is fast, he'll be awsome on it.



    tuesday 9-27

    Well it's not like I haven't been working and taking pictures...... I just have'nt been posting them.

    Matt's bike has slowly gotten done over the last couple weeks and is ready for powder.  The parts came yesterday and I checked the clearances this morning and brazed the front der. mount on before going to work.

    Here's some shots of the back end going together and some cable routing checks.

    My Brother came out the other day and brought me a new computer,  I havent' transfered everything over yet (I say this like I know what I'm talking about :-) and the pictures of the cycletrucks are still somewhere in my dead laptop.  I'll resend them from my phone and have the cycle truck page up and running hopefully by tomorrow.



     Ok,  it looks like I am unable to load photos into this post,  I'll have to work on it in the morning.


    Edit*  my brother got it figured out :-)



    Monday 9-12-11

    Just got a chance to sit down this evening.

    I spent the weekend in Bend doing frites at the High Cascades 24hr MTB race.

    Team Fryshack kicked A$$ and won the 4 person open division and placed 4th overall on the day.

    Dave Bisers,  Brian Gerow, Taylor Bushnell and Jonathon McCoy  collectively rode 272 miles with around 30,000' of climbing in 24 hours.

    To be honest,  I am in awe of what they did.   I'm sure that after each of thier second lap of the 16 mile course that the 'fun' was good and worn off,   to keep going took some serious grit.

    I'm proud of them,   good job guys!


    Before I left town I got Mike A's bike put together and handed off to him.  I'm super happy with how it turned out both in appearance and ride.

    Heres some shots of it,  I'll put the same up in the gallery.

    thanks for reading.


    wednesday 9-7

    OK,  quick update from Huckleberry world headquarters.

    I have some bikes back from paint and am racing the clock to get them up and racing.

    The past week and a half have been a struggle for me,  a dear friend has been ill and i've spent a lot of time helping at his place.

    Heres some pics of Mikes frame as I put it together and a shot of fork and stem.

    On the rack next to the cycletrucks is my geared bike from last year I had repainted.   I had Scott shoot it the same color as Mikes,  I'm really glad I did as the color is super cool and it looks way better on the bike than I had hoped.  Also on the rack is  a purple SSCCX for Brian :-)


    My alarm goes off at 4:30 every morning, I should be hard at Mikes build by 5.  Check back for details.




    wednesday 8-31

    Hey there,  I'm back.

    Last weekend was spent getting a big fab job done for a school south of here.  A opening day deadline for it kept me busy all day saturday.

      I did get the chainstays on Matt's bike this week and checked  out the alignment on the table.  It's all good so I threw a wheel in and got the rolling cart out.  It's a lot easier to roll the tubing in 8' lengths,  I can squeeze three hoops out of each if cut carefully or two sets easily with connector pieces from the rest.

    I also got a fun project done last sunday,   it's a branding iron for the boys over at the Cross Crusade   It was needed for the grail hunt emblems,  I've got a feeling it will be getting a workout this year :-)

      I'm pretty stoked with how it came out,  it's the little things I guess.

    Thanks for reading.