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    Wednesday 8-24

    Wow, has it been hot or what?

    not being used to anything hotter than the upper 70's,  upper 80's  to mid 90'swith humidity really takes it out of us around here.

    I Got Matt's bike all prepped and ready to weld Sunday but kept having things pop up.

    Today was the day though and  it fell together nicely,  my fixture adjustment worked as planned and final welding was effortless.

    The frame is back in the jig and awaiting chainstays which will be the next installment.

    I have an all day crane gig in Tillamook tomorrow so probabally won't make it to the shop before friday.


    Heres some shots from today' 


    Monday 8-15

    Cross bikes,  cross bikes, cross bikes.  What can you say?   I don't think there is another type of bike that makes you want to get everything 'just right' like a cross bike does.

      I spent the last  bit of my afternoon working on Matt C's bike,   I had been filling moments over the last few days in the shop getting pieces ready and was able to miter the front triangle today.

       As I was setting up the  jig on sunday I remembered to make a small adjustment to the top of the headtube rod,  hopefully  it will solve the issue I was having and I won't need to weld my way out of it each time.

      As I was mitering away on the tubes I got to thinking about my own cross bike and what I needed to do to get it ready.  When I finished I went and mounted up a new set of tires on the SS and cruised the neighborhood.   The first race this year for it will be Krugers farm crit.   I had a 42 x 15 mounted up but after a few laps out in front of the house I think a 16t cog will be a better bet :-).

    Anyway,   heres some  miter pics.  There is still a lot to do on the tubes before they are ready.

    The chainstays are loaded in the mitering fixture and ready to go.  They were brazed a couple weeks ago along with two other sets for bikes I have going.

    I'll post more as it happens,  thanks for reading.



    I have a few random shots from the weekend to pass along here.  I meant to do this Sunday night but got side tracked.  Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday were long hot days demo-ing and rebuilding a house roof that was near certain collapse so no energy untill now.

    This is a shot of the harbor freight tail pipe expander that I use in the lathe for cleaning BB's and HT's with emery cloth.  It works for other small parts as well.   I chuck the mandrel,  slip the part on, push down and turn untill it tightens up inside.    I can then spin the lathe while holding a  strip of shop roll on to it from underneath.    This works well for cleaning everything shiny in a hurry.

    The next two shots are my quickie sysetem for centering a bit on a radius surface.  This is a BB to be drilled for the  chainstay vent holes.    The (non spinning) bit is pressed down onto a flat piece on top of the workpiece,  in the first picture the strip is slanted- this means not centered.  In the next shot it is flat or more horizontal with the vise jaws,  this means it's really close if not right on.

      Now I can drill the first hole and run the table in for the second hole which will end up right in line with the first.  Quick and easy with no layout needed.

    The last shot is a ST sleeve I started to cut for a cross bike.  It may not make it on to that bike,  I liked how it turned out so much It may work better for a MTB i have coming up this winter.

    Thats all for now,  I'll be back in the shop for the rest of the week starting this afternoon.


    Saturday morning 8-6-11

    So I'm throwing in a morning post here today in hopes I can also do an evening one as well. 

    I finished the team SS yesterday minus a little fussing with some sandpaper.  It just needs to be ready to go to powder on the next trip out.

    Todays plan is to put a couple of the cycletrucks together, mostly just to clear the shop of stuff that's piled around and to get ready for some upcoming work.

    I have a yard full of fun projects right now that are all vying for my attention.   There is no paticular order for them but it is the weekend so I reserve the right to only work on the fun stuff.   Who knows, I may end up posting pics of the giant picnic table I've been asked to build out of Port Orford cedar beams......

    Heres  a couple shots of the SSCCX bike plus a bonus pic of my new bell.

    A couple weeks ago a new framebuilder from Colorado got in touch with me about rolling some top tubes for a bike he was working on.  It was no problem to get them rolled and in the mail right away.

    What was really cool was when he sent the check for the material he also sent a really nice box full of swag with it.  Who doesn't like surprises in the mail right?  In and amongst the hat and socks was a sweet little bike bell that was installed on my taco bike within about 90 seconds of being pulled out of the box.  Thanks Travis!

      You can check out Travis's stuff here at Thin Air frameworks ,  he's got  a nice handful of frames under his belt and the layup on his latest build  looks like its got perfect lines going on.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.


    wednesday evening 8-3-11

    AArrrgghhhh,  It's been a week since my last post!

    The fabrication end of things around here has just been crazy this last week with bid requests for all manner of things. 

    One of the requests which was for a 4'X4' stainless steel table required a full size prototype to be built.   If it ends up a go there will be twenty more to build. (this would be a good thing)  It was nuts trying to get one built on short notice this week while still keeping up with the stuff that was allready in the schedule.

    I did however manage to carve some time monday to get going on one of the CCX team frames.

    Between monday and tuesday I had it all ready to weld which I did this morning  waiting til I had the chainstays welded on before I stopped for coffee.  After that I fit up the rear hoop and connectors-getting them brazed  before I headed to the powdercoater to pick up the table base.

     I got back to the shop and put an hour and a half in on the table,  all thats left is to screw the top to the table.  Before I went in for the evening I decided to finish the brazing on the frame.  I mitered the canti-stops and added the one cable stop before putting it in the soak barrel overnight.

    Heres some shots of it,  I hope to get it done in the morning so it's ready to go if the powdercoater calls again with my other stuff.