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    wednesday morning 7-27

    Not much to report this morning,  I did get some chainstays brazed last night as well as bending and brazing the handlebars.

    I soaked the flux off overnight and finished them this morning.

    I did a quick check on the bars at the surface plate,  they needed a small tweak in the form of a twist but other than that they are ready for the powdercoaters.

    Hopefully he calls today so  I can pick some stuff up at the same time.

    heres some shots;


    tuesday morning 7-26

    Quick post here before I'm off to work,

    Just starting a run of three CCX bikes,  two SS and one geared.

    I'll be doing  some of the  steps in batches.

    Heres some dropout prep,  a little notching and a slight bend in the press.  I'll do all three sets before I braze.

    Also, a couple shots of a special handlebar project, I need to have these done before my next trip to the powdercoaters.  More later as these progress.


    saturday 7-23

    Well I planned to get right on Mikes stem this morning but my other buddy Mike showed up with a 4 hour fab job that we knocked out before noon.  Oddly enough as we were working, my brother Mike showed up on his bike with two teammates and one mechanical.  Must just've been a mike day...

    After some lunch I got to welding the stem together and then just kept going with it, brazing the binder on, drilling, fitting and brazing the cable stop in.    After a soak in some boiling water (and a coffee break)   I shaped and polished the brazing , reamed the bar clamp and  then slotted it as well.

    There was just a ton of work in that stem but its exactly what I wanted,  when the bike is done there will only be about a foot of exposed cable housing  total between the two brakes.

    I'm off for a trail ride in the morning before it gets hot.  I'll put up more pictures tomorrow if I get into the shop.

    Heres the ones from today;


    Wednesday 7-20

    I cant believe I haven't posted since Sunday.

    Mikes bike is coming along great.   Actually,  its ready for the powdercoaters with the exception of stamping the serial number into it.  The fork is ready as well and I've re-started on the stem,   I didn't like what I had going so I started over.  

    Todays shots are from this afternoon,   I got home from the days project and into the shop around 4 and worked till almost 7 on finish work.

    The plan is to start back in on the stem in the morning before work,   it may depend on how interesting tomorrows stage is though :-)

      I'm not at the neighbors on friday so theres a chance I can get everything to the powder coaters then.

    No promises.



    sunday 7-17

    Back in the saddle!

    Made giant strides forwards on Mikes bike this afternoon. 

    Finished the seatstays and  decided to complete all the brazing that I could before cleaning anything up.

    Theres still a little to do,  I need to fit a chainstay bridge to mount the fender as well as drilling the swinging plate to bolt the fender stays to.

    Heres a couple pictures from today.  The first six are fitting and brazing shots,  the seventh is what I proudly brought home from the race last sunday.

    I'll have more up this week as I get to the cleanup and finish work.